Sage Wisdom via Napkins and a Sharpie, Part 1

photo (2)

I recently finished a cool little book called “Behavior Gap” by Carl Richards.  Carl is a veteran financial planner and NY Times contributor who illustrates powerful financial planning principals and common investor mistakes in an entertaining and deceptively simple style.  Below are some of my favorite drawings from his book presented in 2 parts:



The above diagram captures exactly what the contributors of ATG Investments are trying to avoid…


Simple diagram showing why passive index investing has been so successful relative to actively managed portfolios.


“Crap- I wonder what I’m going to do with this time share that I never use…”



This is my favorite diagram in the entire book.  If I was a financial adviser, I would draw this on a napkin upon meeting any potential client to start the dialogue about how I could potentially help them take care of their family’s needs and have enough left over to satisfy their personal values.  Nothing more, nothing less.



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