If I was in charge of the Grammy’s…

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WIth the 2015 Grammy’s fast approaching, I thought I’d chime in with my personal best song list of 2014.   I was going to start this quick post with listing the current Grammy nominees for Best Song, but after reviewing it, I simply I can’t bring myself to publish it.  “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift and “Take me to Church” are songs I’ve admittedly jammed to with my 3 yr old daughter on occasion, but best song of 2014??  And don’t get me started on “Chandelier” by Sia or “All About the Bass” from Meghan Trainor.  To each their own I suppose…

Without further adieu, here’s my personal picks for best song of 2014 (in no particular order):

1.  Brill Bruisers – New Pornographers.

This song wasn’t on my radar until being invited to the New Pornographers concert by a friend a few months ago.  The concert was nothing earth shattering (we actually left early), but when they played “Brill Bruisers”, I suddenly felt like a college kid again, emboldened  to thrust ahead into a world with no limits.  Musically, the song pairs an incredibly catchy sing-a-along main riff with an unexpected, atmospheric transition that takes the song to a level well beyond your typical inde-rock anthem.

2.   Tie:  “Something from Nothing” or “Outside”- Foo Fighters.  

I stumbled onto these songs by watching the season premier of the Sonic Highways documentary on HBO.  Not only was the documentary on the Chicago music scene and its influence on the Foo Fighters engrossing, but the song at the end of the video was simply fantastic.  I immediately downloaded the Sonic Highways album on iTunes and haven’t enjoyed a hard rock album this much in a few years.  If you like the Foo Fighters and haven’t given “Sonic Highways” a listen, I highly recommend that you check it out- their best album since “The Colour and the Shape” in my humble opinion.

3.  The Ballad of Mr. Steak – Kishi Bashi.

 If you haven’t had the good fortune of stumbling across Kishi Bashi yet, I’d like to take credit for introducing you to the most exhilarating new artist to emerge this year.  (My friend Baak gets credit for introducing him to me, mentioning Kishi as “a dude who used to play violin for Of Montreal before going solo”.)  If  “The Ballad of Mr. Steak” can’t get you out of a funk, you must be having a really, really, bad day.  The picture above is the album cover for “Lighght”.

4.  Coffee – Sylvan Esso.

This song is this year’s “Royals by Lorde” moment:  Sparse and haunting vocals, analog keyboards, and arhythmic beats combine to create the most unique mood and style in a song I’ve heard this year.  It reminds me of the Postal Service album in the way that smart lyrics are set against an understated electronic landscape.  The whole Slyvan Esso album is fantastic (much better than the more highly acclaimed St. Vincent album in my humble opinion), and Coffee stands apart as its masterpiece.

I think i’ll stop here- I’m sure I’ll wake up in the morning and kick myself for forgetting the BEST song of 2014 but  hopefully the songs above can provide you with a few new suggestions to check out and provide some fodder for discussion.  i’d love to hear any suggestions your have as well on this topic: don’t be shy in posting a reply to the post with your thoughts!



3 thoughts on “If I was in charge of the Grammy’s…

  1. I will definitely check these out. At least I’ve heard of two out of the four groups you listed! Totally unrelated to any best song/grammy nomination, I’m just curious if you’ve ever seen or heard The Leningrad Cowboys?

    • I have not heard of the Leningrad Cowboys, but I definitely will! Just took a quick look at their website and they have one of the best album titles I have come across- “Buena Vodka Social Club”!

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