Weight for the BOOM!

WTW chocolate phone

“Fortune favors the bold, but it also favors the smart. And for marketing savvy advertisers, there’s no smarter place to be than on the Super Bowl. It’s worth every million.”- Rob Siltanen, founder of industry leading ad agency Siltanen and Partners.

I am so proud of Weight Watchers (WTW) right now.  Amidst declining membership rates and short-selling pressure driving their stock to a 52-week low, they made the bold decision to purchase their first ever Super Bowl ad this coming Sunday.  I love this move on multiple levels, starting with the successful execution of their new re-branding efforts:

  • There simply is no better forum to reach a mass amount of people feeling bloated and out of shape at one moment!
  • Dieting in January simply doesn’t work for men (ahem, College Bowl Games and NFL playoffs?!!), but the day after the Super Bowl is absolutely perfect.  It’s cold, there’ no football, shortest month, need I say more??
  • The Super Bowl is very unique in it’s ability to resonate with both men and women of all ages; if the ad is done right, it could have a massive impact on new sales for both men and women, especially from men who previously viewed Weight Watchers as primarily a “weight loss support group for chicks”.

Weight Watchers has the unique challenge of holding an industry-leading, time tested  method of weigh loss that is losing market share to unproven, but more cost -effective and technologically advanced alternatives.  I think a Super Bowl ad is the perfect venue for attracting new customers in this environment- while the obesity endemic spares no age group, boomers and Gen-Xer’s are much more likely to respond to a Weight Watcher’s TV ad than a twitter feed or facebook page.

While I’d love to geek out on the financial case for Weight Watchers (WTW) as an intriguing stock pick, I think the their future success is  primarily tied to the success or failure of their marketing campaign.  Hence, I’ve decided to back up the truck on my personal portfolio for WTW stock in belief that the Super Bowl campaign will be the perfect avenue for promoting the industry-leading service that Weight Watchers provides.




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